Chanel Chance EDT Spray

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Chanel Chance Eau de Toilette Spray Chanel, known for its luxuriousness, elegance and timeless beauty has cemented their place in perfumery history with iconic fragrances like Chance. In 2002 Chanel decided to take a risk and the result is an intriguing fragrance called Chance whose name translates directly into French as meaning “luck”. Chance aromatic fragrance was inspired by serendipity and life’s unexpected pleasures from its design to its fragrance – from its name, design, and aroma – right down to its name and bottle shape that symbolizes life’s cycle as a wheel of fortune – representing serendipity with each spray! Master perfumer Jacques Polge is best known for creating many Chanel fragrances, including Chance. Famed for its exhilarating freshness, its top notes feature patchouli, zesty lemon peel, spicy pink peppercorn, exotic pineapple, hyacinths and delicate iris to form this vibrant yet unpredictable scent – it’s like discovering someone unexpected who could transform your life! As its scent unravels, its heart reveals an extravagant floral bouquet filled with pure jasmine essence, radiant rose petals and watery notes of hyacinth for an irresistibly feminine aroma that conjures images of spring blossoms or unexpected romance. Chanel is known for creating fragrances with long-lasting notes. Here, earthy patchouli reappears alongside vanilla’s warm sweetness, sensual white musk’s depth and grounding vetiver aroma – creating an intimate scent that stays close to skin promoting closeness and intimacy. Chance is an adventure full of unexpected encounters, breathtaking moments and life’s beautiful mysteries – an ode to every woman who believes in fate and its many unexpected turns in her journey through life. When everything seems planned and predictable, Chance reminds us to embrace life with open arms; its message being “Life is a game of chance; play it gracefully”. With every spray it sends, its whisper reminds us: “Play life with elegance and grace.”


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